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Q-Lite Co., LTD. 鎂仕特股份有限公司

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Today is 20,Aug,2019
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Q-Lite Co., Ltd is a professional bike lights’ manufacturer in Taiwan.  Q-Lite established in the year of 1997.  We have an outstanding performance because our own independent develop skills and design capabilities.  Each product has passed CE certification, some products through the German K-mark, British BS, and France TPL certification.
Q-Lite has a joint venture partnership with European Spanninga Group.  Spanninga Company has been nearly 100 years of history in Netherlands, and has always been the top leading lighting suppliers in Europe.  By working together, we have formed a strong R&D team to create newest innovative products.
Q-Lite provides the best services to customers because Q-Lite has its own production facilities.  Our production routes are mold making, work distribution, quality assurance, and after-sale services.  We accept responsibilities for services and repairs if the products are damaged because of pr... [Details]
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